Thursday, November 21, 2013

Increase sales with quiality product photos

Tips for product photography that will increase your sales!

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words so a great clear picture can bring in thousands of Dollars.

Stand out from your competitors with nice and quality photos of your products

The best possible way is to hire a professional product photographer with the proper equipment (camera, lighting, lens etc), but if you just started your online shop maybe you are running out funds, so here is little tips that will help you make decent photos in your home.

Here is the example of nice product photography by Jonathan Raho

Product Photography by Jonathan Raho

Although this is a professional photo with some tips you could make some nice shoots similar to that.

Learn how to properly focus your camera.

For the digital ones having an auto focus option could be sometimes difficult to precisely set up the focus, particularly when taking pictures of small objects. That’s why it is advisable to read the manual and to be sure that you understand how the auto focus works.   Many cameras are easy to focus when shooting large objects. Though shooting small objects with the right focus could be tricky. It is usually helpful to put your camera in spot focus mode. The mode provides more control over what part of the sight the camera is focusing on.

Shoot from different angles. 


Most of the times the camera is places at the same levels as the object is and the image comes forward at eye level.  You may try to shoot from above or underneath so to achieve a hanging effect of the object. Still, be careful when shooting from weird angles as the picture outcome can distort the object you are taking a picture of.  On the other hand, adding creativity to your shooting activities could produce pretty interesting innovative upshot in terms of your gallery.
Combining the different angles with a specific background is another way to further enhance the quality of your shots. Putting a unique background with the proper objects or products could produce an interest outcome.


Using image editing software is another way to enhance the quality of your pictures. If you are looking for the some free tool, you can give a try to Google's Picasa.  Even programs such as Photoshop Elements™ that are not costly at all could be significantly helpful. Simply taking a picture is easy and fast, but achieving the desired final effect could be a challenge. The image editing software is a great tool to adjust the exposure, resize or sharpen the images in a less then a minute. The main difference between a professional snapshot and an amateur’s ones are derived from the differences in lightness and the sharpness of the image. 60 seconds could be more the enough to hugely improve your pictures.

Another way to introduce a personal engagement effect of your photos is to humanize certain products or objects in your shooting. Give it a charisma or persona. Create a surrounding story. Advise with your client what makes their products or services to differentiate from the competition, what feature makes them to appear unique to their customers. Understand that and implement these factors into your images.

Even thought most of the photographers are passionate about their shooting and that passion is often reflected on their images, the tips above could substantially help you to reach another level in terms of your shooting results. The ideas given are easy to follow and incorporate in your shooting practices.  Effectively utilizing them shall make a huge transformation in your shooting performance leading to both commercial benefits and professional development.